And its called Black Magic... Myoblox launches new sister brand Black Magic Supply

The cat is out the bag! From the best selling premium supplement brand Myoblox launches its new sister brand Black Magic. Launching three new products BZRK Pre-workout, DuraGains and Keyz. All have been scientifically proven to increase energy levels, mental focus and muscle recovery.


BZRK Pre-Workout Supplement

The first product of this new launch is BZRK Pre-workout. Containing English Walnut Tree Extract it is proven to increase energy levels, enhanced mental focus and creating those all important muscle gains. The formula contains 350mg of Caffeine proven to increase alertness and cognitive function. This product is very similar to the explosive Myoblox Pre-workout Loco – so you know this will be pure magic. This product is available in four flavour options; Crystal Blue Popsicle, Lemonrax Icy, Mango Sunrise and Peach Rings.


Keyz Amino Acid EAA Supplement

The second product release of this new launch is Keyz – Amino Acid EAA supplement proven to help aid muscle recovery. The formula contains 750mg of Taurine increasing alertness and regulating the body's water balance and an EAA Blend of three BCAA's leucine, isoleucine and valine. This new blend also includes Coconut water and added Electrolytes aiding hydration and AstraGin increasing the body's absorption rate. This product is available in three dark flavours Mojito Raz, Pina Colada and Berry Tropic.


DuraGains Muscle Building Supplement

The third product release of this new range is DuraGains Muscle Building Supplement. These magic beans will aid lean muscle growth and increased strength. This product comes in a capsule formula containing 60 tablets per bottle.

With its magic ingredients, this new range will soon cast a spell on your workouts!


Want to find out more? Visit the Black Magic page to view the entire range on our website.