Anabolic Designs Raging Full Product Review

Raging Full from Anabolic Designs is an elite super-carbohydrate based intra-workout formula designed to greatly improve your performance. Raging Full utilizes two forms of super-carbohydrates called highly branched cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) and Glucidex that are specially designed to rapidly refuel you muscle glycogen stores, but without any of the usual gastric problems or bloating often associated with carbohydrate supplements. Cluster Dextrin in particular has been shown to have a high molecular weight and a high gastric emptying weight. This means that Cluster Dextrin is able to leave the stomach to be absorbed at a much faster rate than any other carbohydrate, without elevating blood sugar levels by too far and therefore resulting in a ‘crash’ . Each serving provides a precisely chosen 25g of this powerful carbohydrate combination. Precisely chosen as it is enough to fuel immediate activity, refuel damaged muscle tissue, and swell muscle cell volume without over stimulating storage hormones such as insulin.
    Raging Full also contains a comprehensive blend of ingredients aimed at enhance muscular pump and the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscle cells. HydroMax, L-Citrulline, Taurine and agmatine sulphate are all also included to greatly boost nitric oxide (NO) production and draw fluid into the muscle cells to increase their volume and give them a mechanical advantage.  Not only will this help to shuttle important nutrients in to the muscles to aid in muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle protein breakdown, but will also greatly improve muscular strength and endurance. Raging Full also includes important minerals to replenish the body’s electrolyte balance. During intense exercise our bodies lose a lot of important minerals through sweat, which can quickly lead to a rapidly decreasing performance. Even using losing 1% in water weight through sweat has been shown to lead to a decrease in performance by almost 25%. Studies have shown that electrolytes and water are far superior (33% better in fact) at rehydrating than just water alone. So that is the science behind the product, but how does it fare in real workouts?

Cluster Dextrin has been in my personal stack for a while now as I feel it greatly benefits my workout. My workouts tend to last 1.5 hours or sometimes more depending on whether I’m hitting multiple muscle groups. With Cluster Dextrin my muscular endurance is far greater, particularly towards the end of the workout when normal glycogen stores would be depleted. The increase in energy is notable and occurs very quickly.
With its extra ingredients, Raging Full is at another level above just standard carbohydrate supplements. The ingredients designed to boost muscular pump in raging full are the same as found in the majority of pre-workout products. HydroMax and taurine both work to draw fluid and nutrients into the cells, both volumizing them and providing them with the nutrients they need to function. L-Citrulline and agmatine sulphate are potent NO boosters that swell muscles cells. When these four ingredients are combined it leads to an incredible pump, easily rivalling that of most pre-workouts. The pump I experienced off this was insane, but was far more noticeable towards the end of the workout as you are sipping on Raging Full all the way through rather than having it in your system as you begin. If anything, I actually found this to be more of a positive than negative, particularly during some of my longer hypertrophy sessions. I felt that as I was fatiguing around the second half of my workout, the increasing pump helped to drive the glucose into my muscles giving me a sort of second wind, and enabling me to maintain and even up my intensity at the end.
Because Raging Full primarily uses Cluster Dextrin I experienced no stomach discomfort or bloating what so ever. The carbohydrates are digested and absorbed very quickly, so you don’t have a mass of carbs sat digesting in your stomach while you are training. With Raging Full I’d even go as far to say this is the most effective performance enhancing intra-workout I’ve used. Add some BCAAs into the mix and you’ve got yourself a hell of an anabolic intra-workout.

Taste and Mixability
Raging Full mixes perfectly leaving no clumps or grittiness, so you can enjoy the shake from top to bottom. Raging Full is available in two flavours, orange and berry. I had the pleasure of sampling the berry flavour which tasted awesome. The flavour wasn’t too strong and overpowering, but also wasn’t too weak either. Berry and orange flavours are quite a nice neutral flavour so you could easily add almost any flavoured amino acids to create a great tasting and effective all in one intra-workout.

Anabolic Designs has a reputation no BS approach to their supplements, only using ingredients that actually work and are supported by scientific research. As I said earlier I had previously used nearly all of the ingredients in Raging Full individually and was already a big believer in them. Raging Full combines them to create one of the most effective carbohydrate based intra-workout products on the market. Cluster Dextrin supplies plenty of immediate energy which is perfect for those intense workouts that last anything over the hour mark. If you are looking for a product than can boost performance, enhance muscular endurance and provide insane muscle pumps at the same then this is hands down the best product for you. Dont believe me? Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Beau Scott
BSc Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition