An interview with CSN Vegan Athlete | Dr Cassie Jo Evans

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, dietary choices and training routines play a pivotal role in achieving success. For individuals who follow a plant-based diet, like Dr Cassie, these factors are equally crucial and require some special attention especially when it comes to nutrition.

During our chat, we explored her journey as a vegan bodybuilder, looking at supplement regimens, training schedule, and the challenges and rewards of this unique journey.

Vegan Supplements:

The unique challenges of vegan bodybuilding, still come with some fundamental considerations that apply to all people who follow a plant-based diet. Key vitamins and minerals, protein intake and certain essential fatty acids are the main areas of focus for Cassie’s supplementation strategy.

"I take a vegan omega-3 supplement to get enough essential fatty acids in my diet".

Omega-3 fatty acids most potent forms, EPA & DHA, are usually found in oily fish, and supplements derived from animal products. These have a wide range of benefits that we have covered here.

“These essential fatty acids are available in forms, made from algae, that are suitable for those with a plant-based lifestyle and are a definite essential for ticking fundamental health and performance boxes for plant-based athletes”.

"I also use Per4m Plant Based protein powder to ensure my protein needs are met… but I also use this brand over others, because I really like the flavours they offer. It is without doubt one of the best vegan proteins I've tried."

It might be stating the obvious, but protein intake in bodybuilding is important! But the challenges of ensuring adequate amounts of protein AND the right blend of amino acids requires increased focus for a plant-based diet. Supplements like vegan protein powders have become a go-to for those seeking quality protein sources that align with their dietary choices.

One of Cassie’s key areas of focus is ensuring enough essential vitamins and minerals. B-Vitamins are often recommended for plant-based diets, and vitamin D3 are two critical supplements in their arsenal.

"My B12 levels are actually too high, this highlights the importance of getting regular blood work, not just to monitor health and check for nutrient deficiencies, but also to make sure we can personalise nutrition and supplements to our individual needs"

As well as supplements that take of essential nutrient needs, joint health is also a key priority for Cassie. "I take Support Max Joint to help with my joints" This is a reminder that comprehensive support extends beyond muscle growth to overall body health.

The importance of digestion was also emphasised during our conversation.

"I take Digest Max and greens powder to help with my digestion "Nutrient absorption and gut health play a pivotal role in maximizing the benefits of a vegan diet".

The Role of Nutrition in Bodybuilding:

Transitioning to a plant-based diet whilst pursuing a career and competing in bodybuilding isn't without its challenges. Her dietary choices have evolved over time, which is a testament to the adaptability and commitment required. Let's explore some key themes in their dietary journey:

Finding Protein Sources: "I found it a bit of a minefield at first trying to find protein sources". This is a common concern for new vegans. Navigating the plant-based protein landscape often involves exploring various options, from tofu to legumes.

The Importance of Whole Foods.

Cassie prioritises a more whole foods diet, emphasizing the importance of nutrient-dense, unprocessed choices. “A shift from processed vegan options to whole foods promotes overall health, fullness and energy levels, especially during contest prep”.

Working with a Coach is a common thread amongst our athlete interviews and Cassie is no different: "Definitely work with a coach who understands the nutritional content of things very well".


Collaboration with a knowledgeable coach is invaluable for tailoring a vegan diet to meet bodybuilding goals while avoiding overly restrictive approaches, helping with stress levels and balancing work with training, making sure all of the boxes are ticked when it comes to stepping on stage.


"The main thing is just planning and being prepared. A structured approach to time management, meal prepping, and training schedules is crucial for success”.

Take home messages:

Dr Cassie offers us a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of pursuing bodybuilding while adhering to a plant-based diet and having a demanding career. It underscores the significance of supplements, the evolution of dietary choices, and the critical role of planning and preparation when trying to achieve physique goals.