All Day You May Caffeinated to be released by 5% Nutrition

All Day You May Caffeinated to be released by 5% Nutrition

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has announced a new variant of its long-running and successful amino supplement, All Day You May. Currently, there is a trend in the supplement industry by adding caffeine into amino products to give added energy. Whilst its nothing groundbreaking adding energy to All Day You May certainly makes it appeal to those who are not keen on strong pre workouts but still need a pick me up or slight energy boost before or during a workout.

The same but better

The new 5% Nutrition supplement is simply named All Day You May Caffeinate and based on initial reports the All Day You May spin-off appears to combine everything from the original formula with an added 125mg of natural caffeine for energy. That means the brands' star product still carries all of the ingredients that it’s renowned for. 6 g of BCAAs with a 10:1:1 Ratio, Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COPMax TM) and Beta Alanine, Glutamine and Carnitine, Premium Hydrating Electrolytes, and joint and immune system support. All this in a very nice sounding flavour, Vanilla Iced Coffee.

With 125 mg of natural caffeine, this was not only made for the coffee lovers but it also perfect for every Athlete. Now, you can enjoy your coffee, along with your BCAAs, and you can do so guilt free at 10 calories per serving.

When will it be All Day You May Caffeinated released?

The caffeinated version of All Day You May is currently said to be launching sometime in the near future,  Watch out for it on the Cardiff Sports Nutrition shelves!

Want more?

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