All American EFX Karbolyn: A High Performance Carbohyrdrate

ALL AMERICAN EFX KARBOLYN: A HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBOHYDRATE Let’s begin this blog with a discussion of carbohydrates; so what is a carbohydrate? carbk A carbohydrate is an organic compound that is made up of only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Within the biochemistry world, you may often notice that the term carbohydrate is synonymous with saccharide. We can break the classifications of carbohydrates, or saccharides into four scientific chemical groupings: monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. Typically, when we look at monosaccharides and disaccharides we are referring to smaller or lower molecular weight carbohydrates that are commonly referred to as sugars. Carbohydrates themselves actually perform numerous roles with regards to living organisms, and one function of which the polysaccharides carry out is the storage of energy which is achieved through consumption of starch or glycogen. When we look at carbohydrates from a nutritional stance, many of you will be aware that foods typically high in carbohydrates are fruits, breads, potatoes, rice, pastas and cereals, amongst other things, and they are a primary source of energy for living organisms, however, as humans NO carbohydrate is essential. Carbohydrates are not necessary in order to build other molecules within the body, and typically the human body can obtain its energy from protein and fats. You might get to this point in the article and think, ‘if carbohydrates are not necessary in order to build molecules, why do I need to use a carbohydrate supplement?’ If you want the answer, then read on. It is important for us to consider the digestion rate of carbohydrates, and this ultimately varies depending on which source we consume. We measure the digestion rate of carbohydrates is known as the glycemic index, the higher the rating the faster a carbohydrate source is digested, and subsequently the lower the rating the slower it is digested. You might be wondering as to why we are concerned with this; this is all to do with the hormone known as insulin. Not many people are aware of the true effects of insulin, insulin itself is a powerful anabolic hormone that is released every time we consume a carbohydrate, and if we digest our carbohydrate sources quickly we will have a large insulin spike. If a carbohydrate is digested slowly, the resultant insulin spike will be more subtle and steady. I’m sure everybody reading this has got to a point in a workout where they have hit the infamous wall, this is when your body has run out of fuel, essentially when there is no more wood left to chuck on the fire that fuels your body. If this is the case, your body goes into survival mode and you will ultimately become catabolic which will stop your performance dead. This is where we need carbohydrates, but, you can forget about dextrose, pasta or waxy maize starch, you need Karbolyn in order to fuel your performance. karb

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When we consume carbohydrates the first potential use is that it will be broken down into a form known as glucose that we will use for energy, Within the human body the preferred form of energy is glucose, and that enables our muscles as well as our brain to work efficiently, so in other terms, all carbohydrates must be broken down into a glucose form before they are available for use in the body. However, if our body does not require energy from glucose at that point in time, our body will convert this glucose into glycogen; this is essentially a bank account of energy for the body, as we store our glycogen within our liver and muscle tissue ready for use whenever we need it. We must however be aware of the fact that if our glycogen stores are full, the carbohydrates we consume will be converted into the dreaded body fat, and this is where carbohydrates get their negative press, because people eat too much of the bad carbohydrate sources and don’t do enough exercise. So from this we can see why it is imperative that we consume carbohydrates to fuel our training, but no more than our body can handle. When we consider how our carbohydrate in take can impact upon our performance we need to know how our body utilises the varying forms of energy whilst training. When we train with weights, we need energy; Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the sole source of energy that will result in your muscles ultimately contracting. However, our body is only capable to store enough ATP to fuel this muscle contraction for a few seconds, so as you might expect, this store needs to be replenished. If you are unable to replenish this store, that’s it, set over! Our body relies on breaking down creatine phosphate (CP), and this releases energy for a rapid restoration of your ATP. Now this is where it gets important, our body is able to store enough CP for roughly 8-12 seconds of exerted maximum effort, and when our body runs out of this, we turn to the process of glycolysis. Glycolysis is the process through which we utilise stored glycogen, which as we know from earlier is waiting within our muscle tissue, as well as blood sugar in order to replenish ATP stores. This process is repeated for each and every minute you are on the gym, and this is where carbohydrates come into play, as the muscle cells use the glycolytic pathways in the body in order to restore ATP. So, if our glucose and glycogen stores are low, our strength will ultimately suffer and we will be forced to cut our training short. If we consume carbohydrate sources we make it possible for glucose to be in the blood stream and immediately available to be utilised in the energy process, this results in glycogen being stored for use when it is most needed, during training. No matter whom you are, what you do, we all require energy to perform at our best within our training sessions, so in order to perform at our best it is advisable to consume a high glycemic carb before and after you train. Now, whilst we have seen that carbohydrate in take is imperative in order to undertake successful training sessions, we must not overlook the importance of carbohydrate in take with regards to muscle growth in the long run. This is where our old friend insulin comes into play yet again. Insulin as a hormone increases our rate of protein synthesis, which promotes muscle growth. Insulin ultimately promotes growth as it is able to increase the speed with which amino acids are transported from our blood stream into our muscles, and alongside this it also binds with the membranes of our muscle cells to trigger a series of reactions that result in muscle growth. As well as promoting growth, insulin also inhibits muscle loss as it is an ant-catabolic substance as it prevents the negative effects of cortisol. One of the main functions of cortisol is to breakdown proteins in the muscle tissue and converts it to energy, and when insulin levels are high, cortisol levels are low. When we train our body is realistically in a catabolic state, our cortisol levels are therefore high, so as you may have gathered we can counteract this process through the consumption of a high glycemic carbohydrate before and whilst we train. The body will remain in this catabolic state even after we have trained until we have consumed are post-workout protein and carbohydrate sources. So, again we can see that a high glycemic carbohydrate would be perfect for consumption at this point in time; primarily because the body is in a rather unique state just after we train. We are substantially more sensitive to nutrients at this point, and our rate of protein synthesis is at its highest, so if we consume a high glycemic carbhohydrate at this point we can replenish our glycogen stores to fuel our muscles for a faster recovery and ultimately will lead to a better workout day after day. All American EFX Karbolyn, is a high-performance carbohydrate that has been bio-engineered specifically for athletic performance. All American EFX have brought to market a carbohydrate supplement that marks the beginning of a new era. Karbolyn, as a carbohydrate, is quickly absorbed into your blood stream; much like a simple sugar would be, however, Karbolyn doesn’t leave you with the dreaded crash when your muscles have got nothing more to give. Karbolyn is, in scientific terms, a homopolysaccharide, which we can think of as a complex carbohydrate that is thought to be 18.21% faster in terms of its absorption in comparison to pure dextrose, which is in fact a simple carbohydrate source. All American EFX have utilised an advanced form of technology in order to make Karbolyn a superior carbohydrate form for use by athletes. Other forms of carbohydrate sources, such as waxy maize starch that has not been processed is not actually optimised for efficient loading of glycogen and the optimal levels of nutrient absorption. This is because these aforementioned starches have not been processed in a way that makes them efficient in terms of their rate of absorption into the bloodstream. Now, All American EFX have produced Karbolyn using a proprietary multi-stage enzymatic milling process, and this process has been implemented in order to bring the molecules down to the optimal size. With the molecules at optimal size for absorption, Karbolyn is then ultimately available for a quick emptying process from the gastric tract, and is therefore absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream. karbolyn_chart So, what can you expect from Karbolyn supplementation?  

  • Karbolyn hyper-loads your muscle tissue quickly and efficiently with glycogen in order to fuel your performance, as well as benefiting your endurance and recovery processes.
  • All American EFX have formulated Karbolyn in a way that results in a sustained release of energy, so you can benefit from over 2 whole hours of energy that is totally stimulant free.
  •  Karbolyn is 100% gluten and sugar free.
  •  It mixes instantly, so you have no need to worry about your Karbolyn clumping up in your shaker!
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