AD Vantage Professor Nutz – Nuttin' artificial in this; No Carbs or Fat?

From the best selling supplement brand Project AD comes the world's smartest Peanut Butter, AD Vantage Professor Nutz. This innovative product claims to have zero fat and zero carbohydrates due to the ADVantage Fat Blocker and ADVantage Carb Blocker.


What is a ADVantage Fat Blocker and ADVantage Carb Blocker?

In this reveloutionary product sees it blocking the digestion of fat and carbohydrates and stops the absorption into the bloodstream. This leaving only the nut butter's protein being absorbed by the body.


What is in Professor Nutz?

The nut butter's ingridients includes double roasted runner peanuts, sea salt, the natural sweetner Stevia and Safflower lecithin oil. In a two-tablespoon serving includes 7g of protein and only 28 calories.


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