A Closer Look At Reflex Nutrition

Here at Cardiff Sports Nutrition, Reflex Nutrition has become one of our most popular and best selling brands. Their whole range speaks variety and quality. We work very closely with the team at Reflex Nutrition so thought we would make the most of our strong working relationship and delve a bit deeper and ask a few questions about the brand. Many thanks to Karl Schwick, the Reflex Nutrition UK Sales manager, that took time out of his busy day to answer the questions we put to him.   

Who and when was Reflex Nutrition started and what was the main goal behind it?

Reflex Nutrition was set up in 1996 by James Phillips, who is still the managing director today. In 1996 James was a semi-professional wind surfer and was sponsored by an American brand at the time. Whilst those who are familiar with windsurfing might not see the link, maximising power to weight ratio is key. James wasn’t happy with the choice available so he decided to do it himself. Instead of going down the usual route of working with a contract packer, he invested in a factory and machinery to begin manufacturing sports nutrition products. In essence, the ethos of manufacturing sports nutrition products to the highest quality is what the company was founded on and is still true today.  

Where are you based and is the majority of your trade UK based?

We are based in Woodingdean which is on the outskirts of Brighton. Reflex Nutrition has always been a Brighton & Hove based company. Our business is split all over the country with no bias to a region. Additionally, we have a thriving export department with large orders being shipped all over Europe and as far afield as South Africa and Australia.  

Reflex is known for producing high-quality products, what are your best-selling products?

Instant Whey Pro is our best selling product and has gained a reputation for quality that sets the benchmark in its category. Every batch is tested internally to confirm it meets its minimum label claim of 80% protein. Furthermore, it is the only product available that utilises Native Whey.

Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro

We also have a number of other key products such as One Stop Xtreme, 3D Protein and Instant Mass which also set the standards within their fields. As an example, Reflex Nutrition was the first sports nutrition brand to adopt the use of low GI oats and barley as a carbohydrate source instead of using the standard high GI maltodextrin.    

What Reflex Products do you use personally and what are your favourite flavours?

My own personal favourites would be: Growth Matrix – By far the best post workout product commercially available.

Nexgen+ Sports – One of the best spec’s of a multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant on the market and developed with the athletes in mind

Muscle Bomb – One of the best pre-workouts on the market

Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb

3D Protein – The only blend to state its actual ratio of the component protein sources. Also, no cheaper filler proteins used and it has to be the Chocolate Peanut flavour is AMAZING!  

If someone only had enough money to purchase one Reflex product what would you recommend and why?

Growth Matrix, as above. We get many customers who buy the product and provide feedback because their recovery is so improved.  

What are the plans for the foreseeable future? Any new products in the pipeline to get us excited about?

Quite a few new products in the pipeline. Some are current product improvements others are completely new but I can’t say too much at this stage.  

Thank you, Reflex Nutrition

Once again, a massive thank you to Karl for giving us his time. The CSN team have come to the conclusion that their favourite Reflex supplement is 3D Protein in the Choc Peanut Butter flavour... as Karl said, it really does taste good and we highly recommend that you give it a go, and for a broader view take a look at the entire Reflex Nutrition range here