2019 will see new nootropic infused energy drink brought to market

The man who brought us Myoblox John Foster has recently made quite an exciting announcement. Foster has shared a picture of a carbonated beverage that he is currently finalizing and is likely to make some noise in the energy drink market.

There has been no name attached to the beverage just yet; however, we have been given a glimpse of what it’s all about. In the relatively small picture, John Foster has shared of his drink, we get confirmation that it will be a lightly carbonated beverage made with B vitamins, natural caffeine, and nootropics.

Nootropic Energy Drink?

So far it sounds like the upcoming drink’s main point of difference will be its inclusion of nootropics for better mental focus, which isn’t something you see in a lot of energy drinks. Also, knowing how well formulated Myoblox’s focus supplement Skywalk is, the product drink will likely be loaded with effective focus ingredients.

While the news of the nootropic infused energy drink is exciting, it won’t be out and available any time soon. As mentioned, John Foster is currently only finalizing the product for the first quarter of next year, with a bit more information expected to be shared at the end of next month.

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