15 simple tips to get your 2019 health & fitness goals started

Is one of your new year resolutions to get fit and healthy? We know how hard it is to get started and suddenly change your lifestyle to a more active, healthy one. So here are some tips to get you started which in the long run will have a great impact on your health and fitness goals.

1. Swap sugar for sweetener

By swapping sugar for sweeter you cut down on your daily total calories and there are a couple of easy ways to do this. A) Skip your sugar in your coffee and add sweetener instead. B) Top your cereal with Truvia sweetener instead. 

2. Swap cereal for porridge oats or cream of rice

You will get a lot more food volume eating porridge or cream of rice as well as the fact it has a much greater nutritional breakdown. A great start to your day rather than sugar-packed cereal.

3. Cut out high sugar & high-fat condiments

Stay away from calorie-dense condiments like full sugar bbq sauce, tomato ketchup & full-fat mayo and swap for lighter options or alternatively ZERO calorie sauces and syrups available here at CSN.

4. Cut down on high-fat meat sources

Try to reduce the amount of high-fat meat like sausages, burgers and look at leaner meat sources like lean mince, chicken, turkey, you can even now get your hands on chicken burgers and sausages!

5. Be clever with your food

Increase your food volume with healthy food sources. Add more vegetables and salad to increase the amount you are eating making you feel fuller but without the increase in calories.

6. Add more water to your food to increase the volume

Microwaving oats in more water will expand the oats making it feel like you are eating a lot more. A simple tip that will fill you up for not 1 calorie more

7. Get more active

Losing weight & getting in shape doesn't mean spending hours in the gym. Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine as a tool for weight loss. Small things like walking to work, taking the steps instead of the lift, get out for a morning walk before work. These all contribute to excess calories being burned to lead to greater weight loss. 

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8. Swap sugary soda drinks and juices for sugar-free versions

There is nothing wrong with drinking sugar-free soda in moderation! If that's what keeps you going and keeps you on track then why not! We literally have any flavour you can think of.

9. Find alternatives to high-fat snack like crisps

Swap out crisps which are normally high in fat for lower fat snack alternatives like air-popped popcorn or NEW pop chips varieties which have up to 50% less fat per serving. Check out CSN's range of low-calorie snacks here

10. Try and take longer to eat your food and chew

Studies show taking longer to eat and chewing your food more gives your brain time to recognise you are eating and so will send signals that lead you feeling fuller and an increased feeling of satiety leading you to not overeat.

11. Swap white carbohydrate sources for wholegrain versions

These have a slower digestion rate and will lead to feeling fuller for longer so less chance of eating more in a day.

12. Set yourself goals

If you have a goal to strive for you are a lot more likely to be motivated to get out and get active if you have something to motivate yourself towards.

13. Increase your protein intake throughout the day

Try and get a whole protein source with each meal. Protein is proven to give you greater satiety levels leaving you feeling fuller for longer, therefore less chance of overeating in a day. Here is a wide range of protein sources you can choose from.

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14. Increase your water intake

Try and aim to drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day. Water does not only keep you hydrated and helps with digestion but will also at times keeps hunger at bay due to filling the stomach. Make sure you always have some water on hand!

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15. Make clever decisions when eating out

Eating out doesn't always means eating unhealthy. If you look carefully there is always some sort of healthy dish on the menu! Do you really need that burger and chips? Why not forget that burger bun and chips and instead have the burger meat on a bed of salad or fresh vegetables? Be careful when adding large amounts of sauces to your meals as all your favourite condiments have a lot more calories ion them than you think

As always Team CSN are here to help, call or email us today and we can give you professional, unbiased advice on all your nutrition and supplement needs.