Warrior Essentials Glutamine 500g

Warrior Essentials Glutamine 500g

Warrior Essentials Glutamine 500g

  • Pure high-quality form of L-Glutamine
  • Simple and effective way to give your body all-round recovery
  • Supports recovery and muscle growth
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Why choose Warrior Essentials Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. Although considered conditionally essential, meaning it can be synthesised without including it in the diet, hard training breaks down muscle and places stress on the immune system, which glutamine plays and essential part in maintaining. Warrior Glutamine provides a pure, high-quality form of L-Glutamine to help support recovery and offer a protein sparing effect, helping to prevent excess muscle breakdown and support recovery and muscle growth.

Glutamine also has important roles in promoting a healthy digestive system, supporting the effective transportation of nutrients from the gut into the bloodstream, where it can more efficiently be taken up and used by the body’s cells to support health, recovery and muscle growth.

Warrior Glutamine is a simple and effective way to give your body all-around recovery, immune and digestive system support, which is why it has been used by bodybuilders for decades as part of their supplement regime.

What are the key facts on Warrior Essentials Glutamine

  • Provides a high-quality source of L-Glutamine.
  • Helps recovery and muscle growth.
  • Promotes efficient digestion.
  • Supports normal immune function.

Warrior Essentials Glutamine​ ingredients

100% Micronised Glutamine Powder

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