Vitargo + Electrolyte 5kg

Vitargo + Electrolyte 5kg

Vitargo + Electrolyte 5kg

  • Combination of two powerful supplements
  • Patented form of ultra fast carbs
  • Added electrolytes to enhance rehydration
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Vitargo + Electrolyte is designed specifically for high-intensity workouts

Vitargo and Electrolyte is a combination of two powerful supplements designed specifically for endurance athletes and anyone who engages in high-intensity exercise. They work synergistically together to provide your body with the energy to maximise performance and recovery.

Ultra-fast-absorbing source of carbohydrate

Vitrago is a patented, ultra-fast-absorbing source of carbohydrate that is designed to pass quickly through the stomach to replenish muscle glycogen stores. Vitargo has a much higher molecular weight than other carbohydrate powders such as maltodextrin or dextrose, meaning that it is able to pass through the stomach much more rapidly without any bloating or stomach cramps.

Why are the added electrolytes important?

The added electrolyte powder provides important minerals that are usually lost during exercise through sweat and can add to the effects of dehydration if not replaced. Electrolytes have been proven to increase rehydration at a much faster rate than water alone, and when added with Vitargo can have a significant performance boosting effect.

Key features of Vitargo + Electrolyte

•    Combination of two powerful supplements
•    Patented form of ultra fast carbs
•    Added electrolytes to enhance rehydration


Seving Size: 75g
Srvings per container: Approx 66

Per 75g serving
Calories        280
Protein            <0.5g
Carbs            69g
of barley starch    66g
Sugar            <0.5g
Fat            <0.5g
Sodium            270mg
Potassium        79mg
Calcium            105% RDI
Magnesium        41% RDI


Barley starch (Vitargo), Citric Acid, tri sodium citrate, calcium gluconate, magnesium gluconate, Natural Flavors, Potassium Gluconate, sweeteners (acesulfam-K, aspartame ), color (Beta-carotene)

*Grape Flavour

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