The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder 219g

The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder 219g

The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder 219g

  • Patented ingredients
  • Well researched
  • Third party tested for quality
  • Backed by Genius promise
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What is in The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder?

Genius Muscle Builder is for anyone who wants to optimise their body to give it the best opportunity to gain lean muscle. Containing no less than three trademarked ingredients, with each one included at the required dose and backed up by copious amounts of clinical research, Genius Muscle Builder even simplifies how to deliver them by providing them in a powdered form so one scoop gives you everything you need for faster gains in the gym.

What is in this muscle builder that makes it so good?

The Genius Muscle Builder has four researched ingredients (three if you count the Vitamin D + MyoeDge HMB as a single one)

PeakO2 (2g)

PeakO2 is a trademarked and research-backed mix of mushrooms from Compound Solutions,

PeakO2 begins with cordyceps militaris, a mushroom that posses well-researched anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and some anti-ageing benefits. On top of that PeakO2 includes Reishi, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail into the mix. These bring an interesting mix of benefits, including some of the cognitive benefits of Lion’s Mane.

PeakO2 may improve VO2 max, power output, and increased time to exhaustion when dosed at 2g/day. 

Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (1.5g)

Mediator is a patented, standardized form of phosphatidic acid developed by Chemi Nutra.

Mediator® is a patented form of phosphatidic acid that contains 50% of PA by mass. Therefore, in the 1.5g dose present in muscle builder, you’ll be getting a decent punch of 750mg of the active ingredient.

Phosphatidic Acid, as the name applies, is a phospholipid involved in cellular membranes. Most relevant to this product is its role in anabolic pathways that may assist with muscle building. Recent research on isolated muscle tissue shows that PA may help elevate mTOR signalling… which means more gains. Especially if combined with other mTOR-boosting ingredients (such as the next one) and leucine-rich protein sources.

Better yet, there is research showing that 750mg/day may increase squat strength by almost 12% and muscle mass by 2.6%. While those numbers don’t seem huge, they will add up when you’re chasing every last gain.

MyoeDge / MyHMB – Calcium HMB (1.5g) and Vitamin D (1,000IU)

MyoeDge is a patented form of HMB, one of the most controversial muscle-building ingredients of the last few decades. For those new to the ingredient, HMB is an active metabolite of leucine that has a role in the muscle protein synthesis pathway. While known for studies that may have originally overblown its efficacy in muscle building, HMB is an effective supplement when you keep the expectations more realistic when looking for its benefits. For instance, HMB is efficient at helping athletes maintain more lean-body mass while in a caloric deficit. In addition, HMB may help you feel less sore after workouts. By recovering better, you can train more often… leading to more gains.

It turns out that HMB was more effective when the users’ Vitamin D was high. So keep it high with sunshine and supplements!

If you want the strength and size gains from HMB, Vitamin D is worth supplementing. Meanwhile, Vitamin D also carries tons of benefits of its own. For those that are deficient (aka most of UK), supplementation is usually the easiest thing you can do for yourself. Optimal intake of Vitamin D provides heightened testosterone, reduced fat mass, higher overall quality of life, and even enhanced cognition.

The Genius Brand Genius Muscle Builder nutritional information

Typical ValuesPer 33g (1 scoop)
Peak 022g
Mediator (Phosphatidic Acid 50%)1.5g
MyoeDge Calcium - HMB1.5g
Vitamin D1000iu
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