Purus Labs Noxygen 112g

Purus Labs Noxygen 112g

Purus Labs Noxygen 112g

  • Nitratene to enhance and ATP energy production
  • HydroMax increases cell volumisation to improve performance
  • Stimulant and flavour free
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Noxygen by Purus Labs is a revolutionary type of new, stimulant free pre-workout formula designed to significantly increase muscle volume and nutrient delivery. Noxygen works by utilizing two main powerful ingredients Nitratene and HydroMax. Firstly, Nitratene is a blend of naturally occurring dietary nitrates as well as additional nitrates derived from beet root. These nitrates enhance your body’s ability to synthesize ATP and by using less oxygen in the process, maximising the efficiency at which your muscles work. They also boost nitric oxide (NO) production that enhances muscular pump and nutrient delivery whilst training. Secondly, HydroMax is another industry pioneering ingredient introduced by Purus Labs. HydroMax contains the highest concentration of pure glycerol than of any other form, and rapidly increases muscle cell volume by drawing water into them. More intramuscular water is extremely advantageous, not only does it increase the size of muscles but it also increases hydration, prevents injury and can actually make the muscle stronger. Noxygen is stimulant free which makes it ideal of people training late in the evening or with stimulant sensitivities. It also makes a great addition to your favourite pre –workout, as it will greatly enhance the cell volumising properties and is also unflavoured.
•    Nitratene to enhance and ATP energy production
•    HydroMax increases cell volumisation to improve performance
•    Stimulant and flavour free


Serving Size: 1 scoop (2.8g)
Servings per container: 40

Amount per serving
Carbohydrates            1.5g
Sugar alcohol             
(as HydroMax glycerine)
Sodium                65mg
NO3-TMG blend            740mg

Other ingredients: Natural flavor, silica, calcium silicate.

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