Puori Synbiotics SB3 30 Sticks

Puori Synbiotics SB3 30 Sticks

Puori Synbiotics SB3 30 Sticks

  • Blend of prebiotics and probiotics
  • Added Vitamin C
  • HelPs with digestive health and nutrient absorption
  • G
    Gluten Free
  • GM
    GM Free
  • SF
    Sugar Free
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Want a healthy gut? Read on...

Gut health and your ability to digest and absorb food are equally important to your general health as it is to your exercise and performance goals. Insufficient gut bacteria can lead to poorly digested food, which means that your body is not receiving those important nutrients in the required amounts. This will have negative repercussions on your ability to perform and recover from regular strenuous exercise, resulting in decreased muscle growth and adaptation. Pure Pharma Synbiotics SB3 is designed to provide a unique formula for your gut health, adding to your gut’s good bacteria with some of the most researched healthy strains. These teams of good bacteria also act as your digestive systems natural defence against foreign bodies or germs. SB3 has added vitamin 3 to help solidify this natural defence. SB3’s unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics and vitamin C come in freeze-dried and super convenient single serve packs, to cover all your digestive health needs.

What are the benefits of Puori  Synbiotics SB3?

•    Blend of prebiotics and probiotics
•    Added Vitamin C
•    Enhance digestive health and nutrient absorption

Puori Synbiotics SB3 nutritional information

Serving Size:     1 Stick
Per serving

Live Cultures
Bifidobacterium (BB-12)         3.5 billion CFU
Lactobacillius fermentum (PCC)        9.5 billion CFU
Fructo-oligosaccharides            2.9g
Inulin                    1.1g
Pectin                    45mg
Vitamin C                200mg   

Puori Synbiotics SB3 30 Sticks Ingredients:

Fructo-oligosaccharides, inulin, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), pectin, lactobacillius fermentum (PCC), natural cranberry flavour, bifidobacterium (BB-12)

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