Price Match

Price Guarantee

We know that supplements are not cheap, and buying the wrong or a low-quality product at a high price can be frustrating! We endeavour to only stock the highest quality products, from the best brands in the industry. We are so confident with regards to our pricing structure that we offer a price match guarantee. The price match guarantee has some conditions:

•    We only price match retailers who offer the same high-quality customer service as us and who are reputable and reliable.
•    We only price match if the item is in stock with that retailer and if it isn't on any special discount or promotion.
•    We do NOT price match 3rd party sellers or auction sites such as eBay and Amazon.
•    We also price match the whole cart if everything included in that cart is identical.
•    Other coupons and promotional codes may not be used with price matches.
•    We only price match UK retailers for 'like for like' service. Including like for like shipping.
•    We only price match official product retailers

Quality Guarantee

We stock products of the highest quality, we stock a wide range of sports nutrition supplements and health foods from world-renowned brands such as Reflex Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Jordan Skinny Syrup, Grenade Bars and much, much more.