PhD Greens pH-7 330g

PhD Greens pH-7 330g

PhD Greens pH-7 330g

  • A blend of 22 greens & fruit extracts
  • Contains Spirulina, wheat grass & chlorella
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • V
  • L
    Lactose Free
  • D
    Dairy Free
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As we evolve as athletes our diets evolve with us, and it is therefore imperative to offset the acid-rich (meats, eggs and dairy) diets that are so often adhered to by athletes with alkaline rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Consumption of alkaline rich foods will ensure that progress is made in the gym, and we all know that the consumption of enough greens is a tricky task, however it is integral to the lowering of blood acidity. The idea of carrying around boxes full of green vegetables is a rather daunting task, so products such as the comprehensive PhD Greens pH-7 is the perfect product for those looking to incorporate more greens into their day to day diet. PhD Greens pH-7 is a great greens product that is suitable for all athletes, and it is a super food product that removes all of the complexity of consuming enough greens out of day to day life.

Supplementation with PhD Greens pH-7 can:
•    Help with the maintenance of a healthy collagen formation
•    Aid in the normal transportation of iron
•    Help with the assistance of normal energy metabolism
•    Maintains a healthy immune system, as well as nervous system
•    As well as helping protect your cells from oxidative stress.



Spirulina (24.46%), Soy lecithin, Apple Fibre (6.35%), Barley Grass, Wheat grass (6.35%), Oat fibre, Alfalfa grass (5.29%), Chlorella (4.15%), Soya sprout, Acerola Berry (2.01%), Stevia, Red Beetroot,  Pomegranate (0.69%), Ginseng, Carrot, Tomato (0.34%), Astragalus root, Spinach leaf, Broccoli, Gingko Biloba, Green tea leaf, Grape seed, Elderberry (0.07%), Blueberry (0.07%), Flavouring

TYPICAL VALUES PER 100g PER 11g serving

Energy 1456kj/345kcal 160kj/38kcal
Protein 15.5g 1.7g
Carbohydrate 70.8g 7.8g
Of which sugars 14.4g 2g
Fat 3g 0.33g
Of which saturates 0.8g 0.08g
Dietary fibre 13.6g 1.5g
Sodium 194mg 21.34g
Vitamin C 550mg 60.5mg (75%RDA)
Copper 1.75mg 0.193mg (18% RDA)
RDA = Recommended daily allowance


Use up to 2 servings of Greens pH-7 daily to help assist with a healthy, balanced diet. Add 1 scoop (1 scoop
= 11g) into 250ml of water, juice or protein drink of your choice and shake for ten seconds. Greens pH-7 can also be sprinkled onto

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