At Cardiff Sports Nutrition we aim to provide you with as much support and knowledge needed to reach your goals. After 20+ years in the industry and an endless amount of successful clients, we understand what is required from us as coaches in order provide you with the winning formula.


One of the main goals of CSN Coaching is making it sustainable. Through the course of the coaching, we will empower you and enhance your knowledge on training and nutrition, which will allow you to adjust and be flexible with maintaining or improving even when the coaching has finished. Through our experienced trainers, you will be supported, encouraged and motivated to hit your goals and become the best version of you yet!

Personal Nutrition Plan

The diet plan is designed around each individual's needs. CSN will give you a full macro break down alongside suggested set amounts of food per meal. The plan will be adjusted reguarly to ensure progress is being made.



In depth and complete supplement recommendations this will cover how much, when and what to take. Thisd will include perfromance and health supplements. Furthermore all CSN coached clients will get big discounts on supplements.


Training Program

Your fitness plan will be designed around your personal physique goal. We also take into consideration any limitations you may have with equipment or injuries. This is fully customised to you and designed with your needs in mind.

CSN Coaching is conveniently run through an easy to use app that will allow you to easily log workouts and nutrition, which will help you progress towards your goals easier.
Here you will gain access to specialist training videos to ensure you get the most from your training plan. Whilst being able to contact your coach direct in real-time for any advice.
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