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  • Simplified meals
  • Full macro breakdown
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Fat loss for women is achieved differently from fat loss for men. We understand that women can be daunted by the prospect of lifting weights. Firstly, we have a proven track record of working with women to achieve fat loss/weight loss.

Naturally, men and women are hormonally different and this has a marked impact on how the body stores, distributes and retains fat. Our fat loss packages designed for women still follow our method, but they are tweaked in subtle, yet hugely important ways to get the body to react in the way that we want it to.


Fat loss for men is relatively simple to achieve when you know how. 

Whether you want to achieve fat loss for health reasons, or to feel better about yourself, or to get rid of those last few percentage points of bodyfat that are hiding your abs we’ll know how to tailor your training, nutrition and supplementation to achieve the goal. We have a great track record of working with clients targeting fat loss for a wide range of reasons. Rest assured that we’ll get your body burning fat, rapidly.

Clients have previously achieved meaningful results in 4 weeks, although given the compound effects of targeted nutrition, training and supplementation over time – we see results accelerate between weeks 5 & 12 weeks



Our 12 week muscle building programme was designed with one simple aim, to pack on as much muscle mass as physically possible within 12 weeks. Every single variable is accounted for and nothing is left to chance! You will go through various different phases over the 12 week period, with each phase building upon the last. We have packed all of our muscle building knowledge into one 12 week programme.

What if we told you, in just 3 months anyone can make a drastic positive change to their physique?


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Weekly Check ins and Feedback  

Accountability is really important on my program. Upload pictures of your progress, so my team can see more detailed progress and receive feedback

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Personalised Training Program

Your fitness plan will be designed around your personal physique goal. We also take into consideration any limitations you may have with equipment or injuries. This is fully customised to you and designed with your needs in mind.

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Personalised Nutrition Plan

The diet plan is designed around each individual's needs. CSN will give you a full macro break down alongside suggested set amounts of food per meal. The plan will be adjusted reguarly to ensure progress is being made.

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In depth and complete supplement recommendations this will cover how much, when and what to take. Thisd will include perfromance and health supplements. Furthermore all CSN coached clients will get big discounts on supplements.

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Track Your Progress  

Enter your results in the CSN Coaching app to see how you're improving on your journey

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Full Communication Support  

CSN want to make sure you're getting the best results. Our team are available to answer any questions you have.


Our unique team approach brings together South Wales' experience personal trainers; experts in the field of personal training, nutrition and physical performance, replicating the support model available only to high performance athletes. At CSN we believe that this is the right model to ensure we deliver the best personal training for our clients.

We have brought together a team of experience industry professionals selected not only for their knowledge and experience, but more importantly, because they have a real passion for what they do and can motivate people every step of the way.


I have been a coach for over a decade and have worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for 5 years. I have been fortunate to have worked with many different clients ranging from complete beginners to enthusiasts that have exercised regularly for many years.

My goal as your coach is to build and develop a long term strategy for you that is simple to follow and in line with your personal targets. Making sustainable changes can take us down a difficult and meandering path and I would be delighted to guide you every step of the way.


Exercise should not be viewed as a punishment or a gruelling experience, you do not have to run yourself into the ground every session or cut out your favourite foods to see progression.

It should be an exciting journey to see what great things your body can achieve.

Exercise should be about training to be fitter, stronger and healthier to allow you to lead a happy injury free lifestyle! if I can help you look better, feel more confident in your clothes (and out) and have some fun along the way then even better.


We are not all athletes or fitness models who need to be in shape to earn a living. We are lawyers, accountants, teachers, drivers, brothers, mothers and friends.

We have professional commitments to keep, financial worries to attend and relationships to maintain and nurture. Smart training and sensible nutrition strategies allow us to be energised, to work harder, to be healthier, stronger, pain free and less ill, enabling us to better care for our families.


We all want to feel good in our body, be healthy and happy without overcomplicating things. Unfortunately the industry has so much misleading information, which can be confusing and damaging to our self esteem.

Strong foundations and education are the key to build up and maintain a better lifestyle, health and wellbeing, by learning how to move and make simple nourishing food choices.

When we start exercising to challenge ourselves, to become stronger and a better version of ourselves

tESTIMONIALS that speak for themselves...

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Rory Jones


I have worked with Marc for the past four months I have been so impressed with his genuine interest and commitment to supporting my goals. Of course Marc has all the relevant skills and experience to support you with your fitness routine, but he ensures he tailors it to your needs - he is very intuitive and knows to push just enough and constantly support. He has made me think differently about how I can maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling like you have to compromise significantly. Excellent listening skills and focus. Definitely recommend.

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Shawn Williams


Marc and the team are truly excellent. My coaches Alex and Mikey are extremely professional and not only focus on fitness, but lifestyle, health and well-being.

I joined the 12 week transformation programme and my body shape changed dramatically over the 12 week period.

I lost a lot of weight and my overall health and fitness have improved greatly. I now feel now more energised and motivated in my day-to-day life.

customer image

Carly Thompson


I turned 40 last April and decided to improve my fitness and I’m 100% glad I chose you guys.

From the initial point of contact with Marc and the call with Mikey , it has all been extremely professional.

I’ve always had confidence in Mikey's professional ability and his kindheartedness and positive nature has been really good.

I can visibly see the changes in my body and friends and family have remarked on this as well.

customer image

Jess Farrell


CSN have been very influential in helping me to develop my understanding of the important role of nutrition in maximising athletic performance. Their advice has also influenced my own nutritional strategies, helping me to maximise my training. I have seen marked improvements in strength and body composition since adjusting my nutrition.

Anyone serious about maximising their training and sports performance would benefit massively from the experts at CSN

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Lewis Evans


I am not one for giving testimonials but credit where it is due, Marc exceeded my wildest expectations with the results that he helped produced.

His knowledge and experience gave me the inspiration, and kick up the bum, plus the leave no stone unturned attitude meant that I feel I have turned back the clock 100 years in terms of my appearance, my energy, and my health!

This is the best money I’ve spent in a while

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Sean Furwent


I decided to do a bodybuilding competition. I knew a fair amount about training but little about the nutrition side of things and the specifics of competitive bodybuilding. A friend recommended that I seek out Marc at CSN.

I was given a diet and training plan that evolved as time went on to tune my physique. My progress was reviewed & checked regularly when we had our meetings.

I found Marc's experience invaluable regarding the pre-show preparations with regards to water manipulation. I noticed my physique evolve by the hour at this point. I found it was the attention to the detail that added up to a big difference at the end; I believe this is what ultimately gave me my edge over the other contestants.

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Make a commitment to your new plan and don’t give up. Sticking with this plan will significantly improve your mind, body and soul.