Warrior Bulbine 120 tabs

Warrior Bulbine 120 tabs

Warrior Bulbine 120 tabs

  • Natural testosterone booster
  • Controls and reduces estrogen levels
  • Enhnaces libido
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Warrior Bulbine - Supercharge Natural Testosterone

Warrior Bulbine Natalensis is a 100% pure bulbine natalensis supplement. Bulbine Natalensis is an herb indigenous to South Africa that has recently been studied for its use as a libido enhancer, testosterone booster, and estrogen control supplement. It has also been studied as an effective erectile dysfunction aid.

Has this been backed up by science?

In a recent study performed by the University of Fort Hare, South Africa, rodents taking Bulbine Natalensis had a serum testosterone levels equal to 347% of the control group - in that same group, estrogen was 35% lower. In other words, their NATURAL testosterone levels were boosted by 347% - whilst estrogen was reduced by 35%! In terms of libido, Bulbine Natalensis outperformed Viagra for both libido enhancing and prosexual effects.

This makes Bulbine Natalensis one of the most exciting new natural testosterone boosters on the market - shown to not only increase testosterone, and reduce estrogen...but unlike many other natural testosterone boosters that reduce estrogen...also capable of boosting libido and sexual performance!

Take 2 tablets upon waking, and 2 tablets before your workout (or 8 hours after the first dose, if a non-workout day). 

Warrior Bulbine is scientifically dosed, with recommended servings based on that science - we don't sprinkle ingredients just to get them on the label. We only include man sized doses, for man sized results, with clear formulas so you know exactly what you're taking.  For best results stack with Warrior Rage taking 2 Tabs 30 minutes pre-workout along with 1-2 servings of Warrior Rage. Warrior Bulbine is ideal as a natural testosterone booster, libido enhancer, or as part of an OTC PCT.

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 120

Ingredients Per Serving: 
100% Pure Bulbine Natalensis - 500mg

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I am always a bit dubious of products that claim to raise the bodies natural testosterone level, so I wasn't expecting much. Well, I was not prepared for the huge increase in my libido while taking bulbine. I am in my late 30's so for someone of my age, it's definately a benefit, younger guys probably won't need it. My strength has gone up too, either from the extra free test in my system or my hard training, either way, I rate bulbine highly.

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