Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil 400ml

Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil 400ml

Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil 400ml

  • 100% pure MCT oil
  • Fast acting energy source
  • Spares muscle glycogen stores
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Why should you choose MCT oil?

MCT’s have many health benefits being good for the heart, boosting immune function, as it has ant-viral and anti-bacterial effects, and help to boost metabolism and therefore can aid in fat loss programs.

Why should you add in fatty acids?

MCTs are digested differently to other fatty acids, in that they are absorbed much more rapidly. MCTs are valuable as an immediate source of energy and are not stored in fat cells.

This makes them extremely valuable to athlete, as they have also been shown to have a muscle glycogen sparing effect and therefore boosting energy stores.

MCT oil can be used in frying, cooking, baking or even as a salad dressing. It can also be used as a pre-workout with coffee to provide an instant source of energy.

What are the main benefits of Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil

•    Versatile: can be used for cooking, baking and dressings.
•    Boosts energy levels, metabolism and has many health benefits.
•    Source of healthy fats.

Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil nutritional information

Per Serving 14g (1spoon)
Calories        126
Fat            14g
Sat Fat            0g
Carbs            0g
Fibre            0g
Sugars            0g
Protein            0g

Olimp Sport Nutrition MCT Oil Ingredients

100% oil (MCT) (containing medium-chain fatty acids)

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