Myoblox Contra 56 Caps

Myoblox Contra 56 Caps

Myoblox Contra 56 Caps

  • Anti-Cortisol
  • Reduce Estrogen
  • Ripped hard physique
  • Reduce stubborn body fat levels
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Myoblox Contra

Introducing Myoblox Contra. A uniquely formulated supplement for those serious about their physique! Estrogen and cortisol are two of the last hormones that we want high levels present in the body when trying to build a ripped hard physique that is so often worked for. When these two hormones are present in high levels there can be drastic changes in the body which can result in a soft watery appearance which is not wanted by any athlete or competitor. It can also significantly effect performance in and out of the gym. Another huge negative impact of high cortisol and estrogen levels is stubborn fat in particular belly fat becomes nearly impossible to lose which know one wants! Although unknown to many, high cortisol and estrogen levels are the leading reason many people are unable to reduce belly fat. 

Myoblox Contra contains a number of key ingredients including a novel aromatase inhibitor and cortisol suppressing agent. By reducing the levels of harmful estrogen metabolites and cortisol circulating in the body we are able to promote a healthy balance of testosterone which will support lean muscle gains and lean hard muscle. 

Main benefits of Myoblox Contra:

  • Strength gains 
  • Ripped. hard physique 
  • Suppress Cortisol 
  • Reduce Estrogen

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