Jim Buddy High Protein Donut's Single

Jim Buddy High Protein Donut's Single

Jim Buddy High Protein Donut's Single

  • Under 100 calories
  • 9g protein
  • 3g net carbs
  • Low fat
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Jim Buddy high protein donuts

Jim Buddy’s Donuts contain a mere 99 calories, and pack in 10g of protein. They’re also low in fat, with around 2.5g per doughnut. All of these marvels are achieved with ingredient switches that cut the calories without compromising on taste. There’s no added sugar in Jim Buddy’s Donuts, with the sweetness coming from fruit, nuts and stevia, the extract of which is 150 times as sweet as sugar, so only a minuscule amount is needed to ensure the doughnuts don’t dissatisfy.

The protein content is boosted by whey, and the texture is bulked up with fruit and fibre. It all adds up to a package full of nutritional goodness.

Protein packed donuts

As mentioned above Jim’s protein comes from high-quality whey with a precise filtration and separation process to turn milk into pure whey protein. Protein is important for muscle development, immune support, satiety and general health and wellbeing. There is no amino spiking from added nitrogenous compounds: just pure whey protein to help meet your daily protein requirement. Furthermore, Jim Buddy donuts are great for people following a low carb diet.

Amazing taste

Jim Buddy's protein donuts come in three great flavours - Chocolate Orange, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Bean

Can be used as part of a 'clean diet'

Each donut comes in it's own sealed tub, with six arranged in a Jim Buddy 'Six-Pack'. Fresh baked from the Jim Buddy Bakery, delivered to your door. Eat within five days or pop in the freezer and eat before the 'Best Before' date. To defrost just take out of the freezer for 15 minutes then throw in your gym bag or eat as a high protein snack.

Jim Buddy's mission is to make cheat food healthy: not just the 'better option', but part of the plan. All the ingredients in a Jim Buddy would not be out of place on the strictest of 'clean' diets. All this without sacrificing taste and the texture of a delicious cake donut. Have your donut and eat it too!

Shelf Life & Storage Conditions

Just like any regular fresh donut, Jim Buddy's should be enjoyed within 5 days once defrosted. They can be stored frozen for up to 6 months which is the 'best before' date you see on the box.

Donuts are shipped from CSN in a frozen state and although may arrive un-frozen they can be re-frozen straight away

When developing the product getting more shelf life out of a freshly baked donut would have required the addition of a) sugar and b) artificial preservatives. It being that Jim Buddy's are a health food we decided it would be better to have them as natural as possible. This seems to work well as they don't tend to hang around long!

Delivery information

Orders are all despatched the next day, orders received after 2pm on Friday will be despatched the following Monday. Shipping is £4.99 flat rate to anywhere in the UK. Both Jim Buddy and CSN actually makes a loss on shipping: it costs over £7.00 to get them delivered to you. That's how important it is to have your donut and eat it too.

Some delivery drivers can be so enthusiastic about healthy donuts that they end up shaking, so please be aware sometimes orders may have a more rugged look to them. Please accept CSN's apologies and enjoy just the same as they still taste great! Even if the icing is a bit shaken up, it's what's inside that counts (99 calories of delicious healthy donut).

Check out Jim Buddy's video below

Jim Buddy High Protein Donut's Nutritional Profile

Based on Vanilla Bean

Energy (kcal)    99
Fat (g)    1.9
Of which saturates (g)    0.4
Carbohydrates (g)    26
Of which sugars (g)    1.1
Of which polyols (g)  14
Fibre (g)    7
Protein (g)    9
Salt (g)    0.42

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Good taste and good calories.

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