CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 500g

CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 500g

CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 500g

  • Lean muscle growth & recovery
  • Over 33 percent Leucine content
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
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What are Essential Amino Acids?

Amino acids are compounds that are essentially the building blocks of protein. When consuming protein in any form it is broken down the body into amino acids before being used by the body. Amino acids have a number of key functions in the body including the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Essential Amino Acids are those that cannot be synthesised by the body. Therefore they need to be sourced within the diet. Most people will, in fact, consume enough EAA's through their diet, however, people who take part in regular intense exercise will require high levels to match body requirements and help prevent muscle breakdown. 

CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids contains all nine essential amino acids as well as providing the three branched amino acids (BCAAs), in particular, leucine which is vital in protein synthesis and the prevention of muscle breakdown. With 2.4g of leucine per serving CSN EAA's are the perfect pre, intra and post workout supplement

Patented Amino9

CSN only use Amino9® which is composed of a unique, clinically-substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids. This amino acid blend contains what the body needs to optimize muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Amino9® is designed to help bodybuilders, competitive athletes, and anyone leading an active lifestyle to improve strength and body composition.

What are the performance benefits of Essential Amino Acids?

EAAs are proven to have a number of performance benefits. As mentioned they are crucial for the growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue as well as preventing muscle tissue breakdown. EEA's are great to be supplemented during long periods of intense exercise when muscle cells can begin to break down. 

EAA's have also been proven to help delay the onset of muscular fatigue meaning you can prolong exercise without hitting muscular fatigue so quickly. 

Studies have also shown that EAA's and in particular isoleucine can help with replenishing glycogen stores which are depleted during intense exercise.

CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids nutritional information

Per 7.5g serving:
L Leucine:2475mg L Lysine:1125mg L Threonine:750mg L Histidine:375mg L Tryptophan:75mg
L Valine:1125mg L Phenylalanine:900mg L Isoleucine:450mg L Methionine:250mg
The above values are based on unflavoured Essential Amino Acids, we recommend a 9g serving of a flavoured variety to get the same amount of aminos.

CSN Supplements Essential Amino Acids Ingredients

Essential Amino Acids (L Leucine (33%), L Valine (15%), L Lysine (15%), L Phenylalanine (12%), L Threonine (10%), L Isoleucine (6%), L Histidine (5%), L Methionine (3%), L Tryptophan (1%)), Natural Flavouring (Cola Charge Flavour Only), Citric Acid (Cola Charge Flavour Only), Natural Colour (Caramel [Cola Charge Flavour Only]), Sweetener (Sucralose [Cola Charge Flavour Only]).

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