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Whey protein is a great way to provide you with a full spectrum of amino acids including ample amounts of leucine, which is essential to support muscle growth and recovery. Whey protein is ideal to take when the body needs protein fast, first thing in the morning or after training, due to its fast digestion and absorption rate. At CSN we stock only the world’s leading brands of whey protein ensuring you great quality and great taste.

First time taking protein? Or do you want to make sure you're taking the right one? If so take a look at some of our expert whey protein articles below.


Whey Protein - The ultimate beginner's guide

Protein is an essential supplement for millions of fitness, athletes and bodybuilders around the globe. Whey Protein, in particular, is their first choice. Find out why

Find out all there is to know about whey protein here


Whey Protein Myths & Benefits

Whey Protein Myths & Benefits

Anyone who goes to the gym has come across different opinions on supplementation and protein intake, but there is a few out there that frequently pop up at the CSN store. Some of them are correct but most are plain wrong...

Find out the common misconceptions of whey protein

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