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1 product

Protein is an essential part of the diet to support muscle recovery and growth. Those with an active lifestyle have an increased demand for protein in the diet. To make sure we have a protein to meet these demands we supply a range of protein supplements and high protein foods and convenient and delicious protein bars.

For those looking to gain lean size and strength or just to ensure a quality source extra nutrients in your diet, we have a range of all in one product providing you with a balance of all the essential nutrients to support performance, muscle recovery and growth. For those who struggle to gain weight, weight gainers are an ideal way to provide you with enough protein and an extra boost in calories to help you grow.

Our range of proteins includes the always popular whey protein, perfect for recovery post training, casein for a slow digesting steady supply of protein and blend proteins containing a mix of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins ensuring whatever your protein needs you have all bases covered. For those who suffer from lactose intolerances we have a range of beef proteins and for those who wish to avoid protein derived from animal sources, we have a range of plant-based, vegan proteins.

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Woman Drinking Protein Shake

Common Question - How much protein do I need a day

This is probably one of the most hotly debated areas within bodybuilding and sport and it can become downright controversial when you include misconceptions from the general population.

How much protein do you need a day?


Protein Metabolism Made Easy

Protein plays an important role in the body; we don’t just need it to get bigger muscles and to help recovery. Adequate protein levels are needed for things such as transportation of red blood cells and albumin; the hormonal balance of adrenaline. Learn everything you need to know about protein today.

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Muscular man curling weights

What you need to know about muscle protein synthesis & breakdown

Muscle protein synthesis’ (MPS) is the creation of new proteins within the muscle, which can lead to increased muscle mass.

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