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If you’re looking to build lean muscle then a great way to do this is to increase the muscles anabolic capacity without increasing overall calories to high. Amino acid supplements are a great way to boost muscle protein synthesis, the anabolic pathway by which new muscle tissue is built, by providing large doses of key amino acids that have been directly linked to muscle growth. Lean Muscle growth can also be supported by encouraging production of the body’s anabolic hormones, this can be achieved using one of our all natural testosterone boosters.
Protein supplements are a cost effective and efficient way to provide a complete profile of amino acids that provides the building blocks you need to support lean muscle growth. These can be fast digesting to support recovery after training and slow digesting to allow for periods were eating enough protein may be difficult, such as during sleep.
The intensity with which we train is also important to promote muscle growth, so the addition of a Pre-Workout Supplement can help provide plenty of energy, focus and muscle bursting pump to push your training and muscle growth to the next level.

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