Health Foods and Snacks

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Sometimes being on a calorie controlled diet or having food intolerances and sensitivities can mean missing out on some of our most delicious foods. But this no longer has to be the case with our extensive range of health foods and snacks to fit almost any dietary requirement including gluten free and vegan friendly.
We provide wholegrain and low carb versions of many of our staple foods, such as bread, cereal, pasta and oats , nuts and seeds alongside low calorie versions of many of our favourite breakfast foods, desserts and even zero calorie sauces and dips!!
Even if you fancy something sweet and tasty that may normally be off limits, we supply a range of clean cheats and snacks as alternatives to high sugar, high fat and high calorie foods, taking away the guilt and if you’re into baking sweet treats we stock a range of alternative and healthier ingredients.

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